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Hi everyone.  My name is Michael and years ago I developed the habit of poor posture. Since my childhood I have naturally slouched while standing or sitting. I recall being told frequently to “stand tall” and “sit up straight” in my seat. At the time I was unable to understand exactly why it was so important to maintain good posture so I continued the formation of what turned out to be a very bad habit.

Several decades later I began to notice neck and back pain while both sitting and standing. During this period I was looking through some recent photos which revealed a shocking discovery. “Who’s that guy hunched over in that picture? Why, that’s me?!”

Well it turns out that my mother was right after all. It wasn’t until that moment when I saw a photo of my side profile that I realized exactly how poor my posture really was. Perhaps this would explain why I had been experiencing such discomfort?

Since this discovery I have conducted quite a bit of research on posture correction and became overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that was available. I quickly realized that correcting my posture would take more than a $19.95 quick fix special. It’s going to take a combination of targeted exercise to strengthen my core muscles and the use of a posture brace.

The problem was that there were so many products available on the market and I had no idea which one to choose. Time and time again I came across websites that offered little to no real user experiences or reviews aside from testimonials that were published by the product manufacturers.

Knowing that there were several other people out there who were having similar problems, I decided to document the information that I found along the way. Here you will find a conglomerate of helpful information that I have since discovered along with reviews of products that I have actually tried.

I sincerely hope that you find this guide to be a helpful resource that will assist you in regaining your good posture.