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Maintaining good posture on a daily basis impacts your everyday life more than you know.  Practicing good posture habits promote a healthy lifestyle and help with your balance, range of motion, increase blood circulation, stengthens your spine and can stop or prevent back pain from occuring.  Are you surprised that having good posture has so many positive impacts?  The following are reasons why good posture is so important.

Posture Impacts Everyday Life

Good Balance

You have probably heard that having good posture promotes good balance, but do you know why?

You are Less Likely to get Inured

When you maintain good posture habits, you are more likely to have better balance.  When your balance is on point, you are actually preventing your body from injury.  Let’s say you work out on a daily basis and practice yoga first thing in the morning.  Balance is key to executing the proper yoga stances, and if you are wobbly, you may fall and injure yourself or pull a muscle out.  When you have good posture, your balance is also on point and you can practice better form in whatever exercise you are performing.


Good Posture Promotes Good Balance and Disburses Your Body Weight

Another benefit of having good balance from your posture, is that your body weight is carried evenly throughout your midsection

and lower spine.  If you are hunched over, your center of mass shifts and you are more likely to lose your balance.  When this happens, your body weight shifts immediately and could cause you to fall over.  When your back is naturally curved, your body will have good balance, and certain parts of your body will not be overworked for handling extra mass.  Having good balance centers your body weight evenly above your feet.

Good Balance Helps You Move Better

Another plus of having good posture and thus good balance is that you are able to execute almost any movement with ease.  Let’s say you are a runner and participate in 5k’s and half marathons frequently.  If your balance was off, you could quite possibly misstep and tumble over.  The same goes if you are a dancer or basketball player -having good balance from good posture allows you to do any movement more efficiently or easily.  Balance is key because you can excel at your sport.

Range of Motion

Maintaining good posture not only gives you better balance, but also allows you to have a larger range of motion compared to someone without good posture.  If you are hunched over, or have an overextended curve in your spine, your back will adjust itself in order to make up from the nonalignment.  When this happens, your range of motion can be impacted.  Say for example you sit at a computer desk all day and find yourself looking down at your keyboard or paperwork in front of you.  If you do not practice good posture over time, your neck will naturally adopt that downward looking position as your new normal stance.  Then let’s say you need to reach behind you to grab something from your printer, and your reach may not be as long as it used to.  This is due to your neck and spine taking on a new “normal” position and your back muscles cannot support the long reach that you used to make when you had good posture.  This is exactly why maining good posture is key to having a healthy and normal range of motion.

If you constantly slouch and have been doing so for years, your pelvic area and hips can also be effected by poor posture.  Many Americans experience lower back pain for many reasons, but whenever this occurs, you may notice that you are limited to performing wide open leg stretches or hip movements due to the lower back pain.  Your hips and legs are impacted because your lower back is bearing the weight of your body from your unaligned spine and limits your mobility in your lower body.

Improves Circulation

Having good posture, believe it or not, promotes circulation in your body.  When your spine is aligned, your respiratory system and circulatory systems are activated and perform at their best.  Good posture promotes good airflow in your body which directly impacts good circulation.  When your spine is naturally aligned, your circulatory system reacts property in the body

and your nerves function as they should.  If you tend to slouch over time, this can cause a pinched nerve and negatively impact your circulation.  When this happens, you can experience a momentary tingling in areas such as your feet or legs.  Some people refer to this as a body part “falling asleep”.  If you align your spine and practice good posture, I bet that the tingling sensation would disappear.  You most likely pinched a nerve and stopped the flow of blood in one of your limbs momentarily.  When you practice good posture, your blood circulation should be on point, and you will experience less body parts falling asleep.

Strong, Healthy Spine

Your spine is the literally the backbone of your body and it stays strong and healthy when you practice good posture.  As you have already read above, if you have poor posture, you could experience poor circulation, limit your range of motion, be off balance, or even get injured.  All of these reasons would negatively impact your spine overtime, when really you should be strengthening it each day with exercise and healthy posture habits.  Practicing good posture will keep your spine aligned and keep your back healthy in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Prevent or Stop Back Pain

Many of us experience some sort of back pain, whether it’s everyday pain, or we pull a back muscle after lifting something heavy or straining it.  If you remember to practice healthy posture habits, you can incorporate a healthy spine into every move you make.  For example, if you need to lift something heavy into your trunk, remember to keep good posture and lift with your legs instead of your lower back.

If you find yourself sitting at a desk all day and slouching, try sitting up with a posture brace for several hours in order to train your back to resume it’s natural curve.  Incorporating these techniques into your daily habits can prevent or even stop your back pain.  When you have good posture, you can reduce fatigue in your muscles and even reduce muscle strain from improper lifting techniques or movements.  Having good posture also decreases wear and tear on your spine and instead strenthens it.

To sum it all up, having good posture positively impacts your body in many ways.  Sitting up straight and catching yourself when you start to hunch over can have lifelong effects on your back and spine.  Keep it aligned and practice good posture as often as possible.



SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

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  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
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  • Simple yet effective

About the Percko

Alexis Ucko and Quentin Perraudeau, both cofounders of Percko, started their business model in 2014 while attending ESSEC, an International Business School in France.  They strived to design a product that could help millions of people with back problems and poor posture, and so they did.  Alexis and Quentin pride themselves in being one of the first companies to design a product that aids in back pain relief with the help of actual health professionals.  Their team of medical professionals has contributed to the effectiveness and success of their products.

How it works

The Percko Lyne Up undershirt opens up your thorax, or chest, to enable trunk extension.  Trunk extension is when you straighten your body upwards so that you are not bending at the waist, almost to a hyperextension where your back is past the neutral position.  The two main muscles that make trunk extension possible are the erector spinae and multifidus. When your chest is extended and open, your posture will be upright and straight, which is the main function of the Percko.

The Percko works on your entire back, unlike other similar posture shirts that only target the upper or lower segments of the back.

The 5th Lumbar

The Percko undershirt stimulates your back and the 5th lumbar.  The 5th lumbar, commonly referred to as the L5 vertebrae, is the strongest of all vertebrae in your spine.  Since it is the strongest, it unfortunately bears most of the weight and stress of your upper body which can be good or bad. It’s also the most suceptible to strain and injury so the fact that the Percko targets the L5 directly, is a great function.  The tensors are strategically placed to cross your 5th lumbar which apply pressure when you are practicing poor posture and stimulate your muscles, mind, and body to correct your slouching.

How the Percko Lyne UP Arrived

Women’s Front

The Percko Lyne Up comes packaged in a folded paper shell similar to the kind of packaging that panty hose or stockings are packaged in.  When you open the paper box, information about the Percko is printed inside on the back of the front cover as well as the inside of the back cover.  The men’s Percko is nude in color, or skin-tone.  It came neatly folded in the packaging and was ready to wear.  Percko’s proprietary “tensors” are visible immediately in the design of the undershirt.  You will notice the tensors on each shoulder on the front side along with tensors across the chest and then crossing along the bottom at angles when you tighten the side panels at the front of your stomach.  On the back of the shirt, the tensors are vertically placed from your shoulders down towards the lower back and then horizontally connect and cross the lower back in two lines.

My Wife’s Review of the Percko Undershirt

The Percko shirt came neatly packaged in a solid paper box.  It was very soft to the touch and surprisingly sturdy since the material was so thin.  I could definitely see this being a comfortable undergarmet since it’s not bulky or thick at all.

The first Wear

The first time I wore the Percko shirt, I immediately felt a gentle pull towards the back part of my shoulder.  It wasn’t very dramatic at all, and was actually subtle enough to remind me to stand up straight and not slouch.

Like all of the products that we review, I tested out the Percko for 2 weeks to see what kind of results I could get.


Week 1

Women’s Back

I typically wear an undershirt underneath my clothes, so for these two weeks, I scrapped my basic cami and wore the Percko.  It fit comfortably over top of my bra and was form fitting like my cotton camis that I wear everyday.  I liked the fact that I could adjust the side panels on the bottom front to fit more comfortably.  After the first few days, I was definitely more aware of my posture than ever before.  The tensors located on the bottom back of the shirt as well as on the upper back constantly reminded me when I started to slouch.  All in all, I would say that week one was my training week for the Percko, as I felt it served as a constant reminder to practice good posture.

Week 2

Week 2 of wearing the Percko seemed to go much smoother than week one as I believe my postural muscles were trained in week 1 and I didn’t catch myself constantly correcting my posture.  I learned to straighten my stance while sitting at my desk and with my normal chores around the house.  I would find my posture slipping here or there, but for the most part, I felt as if I was practicing better posture during week 2 than I ever have before.  I would call this product a success and I will continue wearing the shirts instead of my normal camis to keep my posture in check.

Adjustable Side Panels Can Be Tightened or Loosened

Washing the Percko – How it Held Up After Washing

Like most undergarments, Percko encourages that the undershirt be washed in warm water with like colors.  It can be machine washed, but not dried.  You can lay the undershirt out on a dry towel to air dry or hang on a hanger.  Ironing is not recommended.

After a few days of wearing the undershirt as well as working out and walking with it on, I decided it was time for a cleaning.  I followed the care instructions and threw the shirt in the washing machine on the ‘delicates’ cycle with some other undergarments.  It held up fine in the washing machine and I hung it to dry in the laundry room on a hanger.  The material itself was very fast drying so it was ready to wear the next morning.

Material Content and Design

The Percko undershirt consists of Polyamide and Elastane materials.  Polyamide is a macromolecule that occurs both naturally and synthetically.  Natural polyamides include silk and wool, and synthetic polyamides can include nylon.  Elastane is a polyerethane based material that is used in many undergarments and activewear. These materials create the soft silky touch of the shirt all while keeping it lightweight. The Percko shirt is made in Tunisia but designed in France.



The Percko Lyne Up retails for 129 euros or $153USD.  Shipping is free, even if it’s International.   Percko products typically arrive within 4 business days, anywhere in the world.


Percko products are for adults only.  They have a variety of sizes to choose from and have an easy size selection tool on their website.  All you need to do is have a waist and bra measurement (for females) and the website will give you the suggested size you should purchase.


Men’s Front

Percko has a notable exchange and return policy.  If there is a manufacturer defect and you want to exchange your shirt for another one, you have 15 days to reach out to Percko for the exchange.  You can email them with your issue, or send a hand written note with the problem – either way works for them.

Percko will happily offer an exchange for a different size.  They understand that the right size and fit of the shirt significantly matters, especially when you plan to wear the undergarment to achieve good posture.  You can email them directly to do a size exchange.

If you are unhappy with the product for whatever reason, you can return the product with an explanation to the company within 15 days and you will be refunded.   Since the company is based in France and all returns are directed there, you should reach out to them directly before you ship the item, as sometimes international shipping can take several weeks, and you wouldn’t want to go over the 15 day period without letting them know your return is on the way.

The Percko Undershirt vs. Alignmed Posture Shirt

Men’s Back

The Percko does not have sensors like AlignMed, however the Percko shirt has mechanical tensors which is a proprietary technology that has been patented.  Percko has been specifically designed for people who slouch during their daily routines, whether it is at a desk, elevated workspace or even as simple as looking down at your work with your head tilted most of the day.

Correct posture is ultimately achieved when your center of mass is almost in the exact location of where your center of gravity is.  Your spine should always be in an S shape, however when you slouch, your spine looks more like a C shape. When this occurs, your center of gravity and center of mass move away from each other.  This results in your muscles activating to try and align your spine.  When the muscles are overworked from trying to maintain a healthy posture, tensions occurs in your muscles over time which is the actual cause of back pain.

If you are looking for a posture trainer to help with your poor posture, take a minute to research all of your options out there.  Always remember that perfect posture cannot be achieved over night, but after weeks of training your spine to align, you should be able to significantly improve your posture with exercise, performing stretches such as yoga poses, or with the aid of the posture training shirt or brace.  It’s important to consult with your doctor before making any decisions regarding purchasing a product that will improve  your posture.



SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
  • Offered with a 90 Day Money back guarantee
  • Simple yet effective


Kyphosis is defined as a spinal curve, and everyone has a slight natural curve to the spine.  In some instances due to trauma, genes, or poor posture, people can develop a dramatic curve in the thoracic spine which is near the top of your spine by the neck.  If the curve exceeds more than 40 degrees, one will be diagnosed with Kyphosis and may be referred to as having a spinal deformity.

There are 3 distinguishable types of Kyphosis that can all be treated if not completely reversed.

Postural Kyphosis

Postural Kyphosis is directly related to poor posture.  Postural Kyphosis occurs after years of hunching over a work space, sitting at a desk and slouching, or standing for a period of time with your upper back curved inward.  Many people are guilty of having poor posture because they are too busy working on a task instead of being reminded that they are slouching or hunching over.

Postural Kyphosis can be reversed by simply practicing good posture habits.  There are several daily exercises that can be performed in order to strengthen your spine and core so that when you sit or stand, you keep good posture throughout the day.

Another aid to correcting postural kyphosis is purchasing a posture brace.  There are dozens of options to choose from on the market that simply train your back muscles to stay upright and aligned and deter against slouching.  I have personally tested dozens of them and recommend a handful of effective posture braces.

Postural Kyphosis is not easily detected through xrays or an MRI because there is no abnormal evidence from these tests that will show Kyphosis.  When one lays completely flat, the postural kyphosis is untraceable, but when you stand back up, you will notice the curve near the neck which appears as a “humpback” stance.

Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

Scheuermann’s Kyphosis is also referred to as Scheuermann’s disease.  The actual cause of this specific type of kyphosis is still being studied by doctors today.  Many believe that it begins as a birth defect when there is a lack of blood supply to the cartilage in the spine.  The lack of blood flow cuts off nourishing properties and the cartilage around the spine actually dies, causing the spine to collapse and thus creating the dramatic thoracic curve that can range upwards of 75 degrees.

Congenital Kyphosis

Congenital Kyphosis is typically inherited and is an active gene that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Congenital Kyphosis is more severe and can be life altering, as it can cause complete paralysis of the lower body if it goes untreated.  This occurs when the spine is bent so dramatically that it starts to impact the nerves in your body that control movement from the waist down.

Surgery is usually performed on patients with congenital kyphosis, however it’s not always the case.  Therapy and learned exercises can also be performed in order to treat congenital kyphosis, but this form of treatment is usually heavily monitored by a doctor or specialist.

How do you get Kyphosis?

Caused by Poor Posture

Postural Kyphosis, which is the most common type of Kyphosis in the United States is directly associated to poor posture.  It’s importatnt to contstantly be aware of your stance throughout the day and remind yourself to keep your shoulders back and your spine straight, no matter what task you are doing.


Osteoporosis has recently been attributed as the leading cause of Congenital Kyphosis by far.  This is commonly seen in women, since they are more susceptible to bone density loss or osteoporosis.  When the bones become brittle, your spinal discs are more at risk of collapsing or crumbling, causing the curvature of the spine.


Arthritis is another possible cause of Kyphosis, as the joints and ligaments can become inflamed and trigure the curvature of the upper spine.


Certain bone or spinal infections from recent surgeries or diseases may also be the cause of Kyphosis.  If this is the case, physical therapy or surgery may be the only solution to treating Kyphosis.

Noticeable Signs of Kyphosis

Humpback Appearance

The most noticeably sign of Kyphosis is the humpback shape of your upper back.  To give you a familiar example of what the humpback shape is, you can remember back to the famous story and movie, “The Humpback of Notre Dame”.  Some people experience a severe humpback and their neck and head droop forward quite dramatically.  Others are not as noticeable but you can still see a “C” shape near the neck and shoulder area of the upper back.

Poor Posture

Like the humpback appearance, practicing poor posture habits like slouching over a desk or work space is another noticeable sign of kyphosis.  Just because you see someone hunched over does not necessarily mean they suffer from kyphosis, but there is a good chance they could develop postural kyphosis in the future.

Kyphosis Symptoms

-Back Pain

-Chronic Pain or Nerve Pain

-Hunchback appearance

-Muscle Pain

-Stiff back and difficulty getting around

Can you Cure Kyphosis?

Like mentioned above earlier, there are several treatment options for all of the different types of Kyphosis.  Treatments can range from simple daily exercises and stretches to complex spinal surgeries.

When to see a doctor

It’s always wise to consult your physician or a chiropractor if you are experiencing any symptoms listed above.  Even if you have normal back pain from over exerting yourself and do not actually have kyphosis, it’s better to consult with your doctor to have the peace of mind.

Kyphosis Treatment


Physical therapy may be recommended for you based on the severity of the kyphosis.  The therapy may include at home stretches and exercises, or you may be asked to attend regular sessions outside of the home.

UCLA has a great resource for postural exercises.  These can be done daily or as needed during the week.

Posture Braces

Since postural kyphosis can be completely reversed by simply improving your posture, you may want to seriously consider buying a posture brace.  The braces are not an instant fix, however after several weeks of repeated wear, your back muscles will be trained to practice good posture habits again.


If you have congenital Scheuermann’s kyphosis, some doctors may presribe pain medicine until a more permanent solution such as surgery can occur.

Surgery for Serious Cases of Kyphosis

In some severe kyphosis cases, surgery can be performed to diminish the C curve at the lower back.  This can be performed on young children or on older adults but all depends on the severity of the kyphosis at hand.

In conclusion, Kyphosis can be treated so it does not completely disrupt your daily tasks.  Typically, a posture trainer or posture brace is an effective form of treatment that most doctors and chiropractors will recommend.  Always work with your physician before making any decisions regarding a treatment plan for kyphosis.



SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

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Lordosis is known as a dramatic inward curve of your spine and can negatively impact your posture.  Lordosis is usually very noticeable in the lumbar region located in the lower back.  It is often referred to as swayback or hyperlordosis – hyper meaning excessive, and lordosis being the inward curve.  Your spine naturally curves near the neck, upper back, and lower back acting as shock absorbers when the body moves.  Too much of an inward curve the lower back can lead to extreme back pain, poor posture, and difficulty performing daily tasks.

Who it Effects

Lordosis can impact people of all ages.  It typically first appears in the late adolescent years after the body has finished it’s growth spurts.  However, in most cases, lordosis can be onset later in life for a number of reasons, including many years of not practicing good posture habits.

Is Lordosis hereditary?

Lordosis is in fact hereditary.  Spinal alignment and back problems like scoliosis and lordosis are all genetic attributes and can be passed down from generation to generation.  If you or your parents have lordosis, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you or your children will definitely have it, however there is a chance that those genes will be passed down.

How Lordosis is Caused


Osteoporosis is one possible cause of Lordosis.  Osteoporosis is a common disease where one loses bone density and the skeletal system becomes brittle and is more susceptible to fractures, breaks, and sprains.  If you have osteoporosis, you may be more susceptible to developing lordosis because the spine in the lower back can deteriorate and cause an abnormal curvature in the spine in order to support the weight of the upper body.


Obesity is a recent epidemic in the United States, Canada, and Austrailia and may also lead to hyperlordosis.  When the body gains significant amounts of extra weight, the spine may curve to support the extra pounds.  Having an excess of weight over time can increase the chance of lordosis because your body adjusts to the weight gain, overcompensating the strain in your lower back and causing poor posture.  Much research has been studied on the correlation between obesity and lower back problems as well.


Discitis is when your spinal discs become infected and inflamed.  Discitis is usually caused by a virus, but can occur after an epidural from a surgery or pregnancy.  Discitis can cause lordosis but is usually temporary.  Discitis can be very painful and cause you to show signs of lordosis or a dramatic curvature of the spine due to the pain that comes along with discitis.

Kyphosis or humpback

Kyphosis can also be linked to causing lordosis.  Kyphosis is commonly referred to as having a humpback, where the top of your spine is curved and rounded.  The roundness at the top of the spine can strain the lower back and cause it to curve inward in order to balance the upper body mass evenly.  Kyphosis can also be caused by poor posture habits.

Back or Hip Issues

If you have back problems or hip issues, you may change your posture or the way you walk over time in order to relieve back or hip pain.  This can be dangerous and ultimately lead to lordosis.  You should see a physician and seek medical attention for any back or hip pain so that you are not straining your lower back during your daily routine.

A Lifetime of Poor Posture

Practicing poor posture year after year is one of the leading causes of lordosis.  We are all guilty of slouching at our desk or not standing up straight throughout our day.  After years and years of practicing these poor posure habits, they will take a toll on your body eventually.  If you think you need to keep your posture in check, here is a list of posture training devices you can use to get your spine back into its natural curve.

Lordosis Impacts


Common signs of Lordosis include a noticeably large buttocks resulting in a severely inverted curve above the pelvis.  The pelvic bones may or may not appear more noticeable at a glance, but they are usually pushed forward from the curve of the spine.

Daily Life

Lordosis can impact your daily routine and impacts people differently.  Most people who suffer from lordosis have lower back problems and pain.  They can also experience upper back pain due to poor posture, which can impact many areas of your spine, neck, and lower back.

How Lordosis is Diagnosed and Treated

Lordosis can be diagnosed by a chiropractor or general physician.  It can usually be deteremined by a series of xrays, bone scans or CT scans.  Seek diagnosis and consult a doctor if you think you or a loved one has lordosis.  Depending on the severity, a series of exercises may be performed to straighten your spine, a brace could be worn to reverse the curve or for comfort, or it may be a lifetime deformity you will have to live with.

Treatment for Lorodosis

Prescription Pain Medicine

Once you consult your physician, they will let you know which preferred method of treatment is right for you.  If your Lordosis is genetic and you have lived with it your entire life, chances are that your doctor will prescribe prescription drugs to relieve any pain you may feel or to reduce inflammation in your discs.

Therapy and Lordosis Exercises

Your doctor may recomend you do physical therapy so you can learn some basic stretches or exercises.  Common stretches include basic yoga poses and can be performed in the comfort of your own home.  Other exercises include a variety of abdominal crunches, leg stretches, and exercises using a yoga ball.

Princeton University has compiled an extensive list of lumbar exercises that strengthen your core, promote good posture, and can help treat Lordosis.

Weight Loss

You may be able to completely reverse your lordosis if you were recently diagnosed and are currently overweight or obese, and have been carrying around 25 or more extra pounds for several years.  Eating healthy and regularly exercising can reduce your weight and possibly reverse your inverted spine.  After you carry around extra weight for a number of years, your body gradually changes its posture habits and the spine inadvertently curves in order to carry the extra weight.  Losing this weight can take the pressure off of your lower back and naturally align once again, reducing any lower back pain and thus realigning the spine.

Practicing Good Posture

Maintaining and practicing good posture is key to having a healthy spine and back.  Even if you have genetic Lordosis, practing good posture has many overall health benefits.  There are several postural exercises you can perform on a daily basis, including yoga stances that will stretch out your spine.  There are also several posture shirts and posture braces that can train your back to align and you can experience good posture once again.

In conclusion, Lordosis can be treated in one form or another, even if it cannot be completely reversed due to genetic inheritance.  Seeing a physician and practicing good posture are the two most important actions you can take immediately.

SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
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Practicing good posture may come more easily to some than most – if you have poor poise, yoga and posture stretches may be exactly what you need .  Americans today experience some of the worst posture in the world since office and desk jobs keep us sitting at our computers for most of the day.   Staring at a computer screen doesn’t automatically mean we have poor posture, but being aware of how you are sitting, the curve of your back, and the tilt of your neck can all have postiitve or negative impacts on your posture.  If you adopt bad sitting habits over time, your body will become comfortable with that posture even though it’s doing you unrecognizable harm.

Yoga and Good Posture

Yoga is one way to stretch and align your spine.  It promotes airflow through the entire body and has many positive impacts on the body.  There are several specific yoga stretches and excercises than can be practiced in order to promote good posture.  You can perfrom these exercises each day, or as you have time during the week.

When you first start these poses or stretches, you may experience soreness, especially if you have very poor posture.  When you perform these exercises, muscles will be worked that may not have been activated in a while due to bad posture.  It will be perfectly normal to experience some soreness during or after the yoga and posture stretches.  In basic terms, you may feel like you just mildly worked out.

Yoga Poses to Promote Good Posture

Mountain Pose

The mountain pose or Tadasana, is more of a stance than a posture exercise.  performing this pose trains your brain and muscles to practice good posture because that’s literally what this pose is – the perfect posture stance.  Stand with your feet slightly apart so they are aligned with your shoulders.  Start by transferring your body weight to the heels of your feet and slightly lift your toes and spread them wide.  Then place your toes back on the floor.  Be sure not to lock your legs and squeeze your buttocks and thighs while aligning your ankles and thighs.  Take a deep breath and inhale while you move your arms towards the celing.  Take 6 breaths before you exhale as your drop your arms back towards the floor.

Mountain pose is typically the first pose to many other yoga stretches, so it’s important to correctly understand and administer the stance.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

Another pose or yoga stretch that is good for your posture is the standing forward bend or ‘forward bend’.  This pose involves bending at the hips, leaning forward, and reaching your ankles.  If you are very flexible, you will be able to bend forward and place your palms flat on the mat or around to the back of your ankles.  It’s important to not lock your legs during this pose.

The Forward bend has many other health benefits besides strengthening your spine and helping with posture.  When you bend over, your head falls below your heart and actually gives your brain a rest.  The bend is a stress reliever and can help those with anxiety and depression – it’s a very calming and peaceful pose.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose another great pose that stretches and elongates the spine and promotes a healthy posture.  This exercise is done on your belly on the floor and simplay stretches the spine as you lift your upper body toward the ceiling.  Flatten the tops of your feet against the floor and gently

Cobra Pose

curve the back as you lift your upper body.  Flatten the palms of your hands and support the weight of your upper body as you lift.  Hold the pose for 15-25 seconds and exhale as you slowly return to the floor.  Repeat 4-6 times.


The Cobra Pose is not only good for strengthening your spine and practicing good posture, but it can also relieve sciatica, stress, and fatigue.

Warrior Pose

Another pose that

promotes good posture is the warrior pose.  This is a very common exercise practiced regularly by people who are strengthening their spine and who practice good posture.

Warrior Pose

You start the pose by turning your left foot inward to about a 45 degree angle and your right foot outward at 90 degrees.  When you alternate legs, just make sure both feet are pointing out towards the same way.  Align both heels.  Turn your upper body to the right and gently bend the left knee.  Extend and stretch the right leg and raise your hands slowly up so your palms meet.


Gently tilt the head back and look up towards your hands.  Hold the pose for 30 seconds and you can repeat 3-4 times.

Other Yoga Exercises for a Healthy Back

Once you practice and master the yoga poses mentioned above, you can try out several other poses that promote a healthy spine.

  • Hero Pose – Hero Pose is a great strech for the lower body, espeically the legs and thighs.  It’s a popular pose for those who stand on their feet most of the day and have tired legs and ankles.  The Hero Pose is not directly related to good posture, however it relaxes the legs and feet after a long day on your feet where you back or spine may have been strained.
  • Child’s Pose – Child’s Pose is another excercise that does not direclty relate to the spine, however it is a great way to rest the body in between other yoga poses or exercises.  It can be thought of as a cool down pose or resting pose.  It’s also an awakening stretch than be performed in the morning to start the flow of blood and get you started for the day.
  • Cat Pose – Cat Pose is a great posture pose that specifically stretches the spine.  If you know you have poor posture and sit or stand hunched over a bit, then this is a great stretch for you.  This pose involves being on your hands and knees and curving your back up towards the ceiling.  Combine this pose with one of the other posture stretches above, as it is a good complement to the others.
  • Locust Pose – Locust pose is another great way to stretch and elongate the spine. The pose involves laying on your stomach and raising the feet and arms upward, while balancing your weight on your lower torso and ribs.  This exercise may be a bit more advanced, especially if you have a back injury and have very poor posture.  Start with the other poses first and work your way up to this pose.
  • Chair Pose – Chair pose is another spine strengthening exercise.  It involves exactly what the name suggests which is posing in a chair position.  The knees are gently bent and the arms are extended upward to align the spine.  Try this pose up against a wall for more support if you are a beginner.

There are hundreds of yoga poses and exercises that provide health benefits and strengthen the muscles of the body.  These exercises are particularly targeting your back and spine in order to stregthen your muscles that promote a good posture.  By practicing these yoga poses on a daily basis, you can open up your airways, strengthen your vertebrae, and align your spine.  Many people fall into terrible sitting stances and habits during their day, and your body actually adopts those bad habits as the norm.  By practicing yoga poses, your body is put in check, and good posture habits can be formed.  Slouching and poor habits will then become more noticeable and your body will signal you to sit up straighter.

SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
  • Offered with a 90 Day Money back guarantee
  • Simple yet effective

AlignMed Sports Braalignmedsportsbra-19

The AlignMed sports bra is a top-of-the-line piece of athletic apparel that contains AlignMed’s proprietary interactive muscle system.  Their interactive apparel is composed of neurobands – a strategically placed system of bands made of elastic that mimic the movement of contracting muscles which train joints and soft tissue in the body.  This training results in aligning the body in a natural position.

What function does it serve?

The bra serves several purposes and is not just any regular sports bra.  AlignMed’s products have been tested and proven to aid in pain reduction, increase core activation, improve posture and spinal alignment, and improve overall health.  The bra is one of many items in their ‘interactive apparel’ line.  The product assortment literally starts working for you as soon as you wear it.  Their proprietary technology including neurobands and muscle mapping aid in the stimulation of muscles and joints while you physically wear the apparel.

About AlignMed

AlignMed, based out of Santa Ana, CA,  has been serving the postural fitness industry since 2004.  They design and develop interactive apparel to promote movement, good posture, aid in pain management, and help with athletic performance.


Poor posture and spinal alignment is commonly attributed to our learned improper sitting habits that we all practice day in and day out.  For females, this is a great way to train the spine to align  since a bra is worn on a daily basis by most women in the United States.  The AlignMed bra haschecklist several comfort features in addition to functional benefits:

  • -Vented fabric design for comfort and cooling
  • -Anti-microbial
  • -Moisture wicking material to keep you cool and dry
  • -Soft yet effective elastic material
  • -Promotes upper body movement and strength
  • -Provides support during exercise and circuit training
  • -Increases the flow of oxygen throughout your body
  • -Improves upper body and shoulder movement

AlignMed Sports Bra Features & My Review

I received the blue AlignMed Sports Bra neatly packaged in a poly bag mailer with an informational hang tag attached with a safety pin.  From first glance, the bra appeared to be higher quality than my other sports bras I own and use often.  Like all products we review, I actively wore the Alignmed Bra for 2 weeks straight in order to give my honest opinion of the fit and performance of the product below.

Back Air Ventalignmedsportsbra-8

The bra has a rounded cutout vent in the middle of the back with two elastic strips criss crossing in the middle.  The air vent is great for intense workouts or brisk walks.  If you are anything like me, I sweat easily during my workouts and it’s nice to get some air on your back during a quick break every once in a while.  The elastic criss cross straps maintain the structural support of the bra behind the cutout area.

Multiple elastics

The most distinguishable feature of this bra is AlignMed’s use of multiple elastic materials.  AlignMed patented their neuroband technology and powermesh panels so you won’t find them anywhere else.  They use what looks like 4 different elastic materials in the bra.  I think that mixing the materials like this is brilliant because it incorporates all of the benefits of each material into specific targeted areas.  I’m going to reference them as materials 1-4.  For example, material 1, is the base material in the front of the bra that provides support to your chest.  It’s comfortable and stretchy and is typically seen in common sports bras.  Material 2 and 3 is what I believe to be the powermesh panels which run side by side over the shoulders and down the back of the bra.  The first powermesh panel is dual-layered, soft, expandable, and breathable.  It’s located on the outer edge of the bra, closest to the neck and also at the bottom back of the bra – the perfect location to wick up moisture prone areas.  The other is not as stretchy, but clearly is providing the support you need over the shoulders and down the back.  Material 4 is a soft elastic that criss crosses at the air vent.  I think this overall material placement and design is what sets this bra apart from your everyday bra and is quite impressive.

Zipper Frontimg_20170104_143703245_hdr

The bra was easy to get on and off – the zipper especially helped when taking it off so you don’t have to awkwardly pull the tight fitting piece up over your head.  The extra piece of material behind the zipper is also an added feature so you don’t feel the metal zipper directly on your skin.  You may have to adjust that flap once on if you do feel the cold zipper.  Once adjusted though, it should be fine for the rest of the day.  The AlignMed logo on the zipper-pull is a nice designer touch as well.

Removable bra cups

Oh removable bra cups, you either love them or you hate them!  The nice thing about this style is that you can remove the bra cups if you wish.  There’s nothing like having a cheap sports bra where the cups are sewn in but fold in half during washing and it’s impossible to straighten them out without cutting a slit and fixing it or removing them all together.  No need to worry about that here!  The slits are large enough to get the cups in and out at your convenience.  I would suggest removing the cups before washing and throw them in the washing machine alongside the bra if you do intend to keep them.  If you don’t like the extra cushion that the cups provide, just pitch them – the dual layered material in the front of the bra is thick enough to give you the support you need and to conceal any high beams during your workout!


The bra is very comfortable and offers great support.  When I first started wearing it, I definitely noticed that some muscles in my upper back were sore for a few days.  It was a good sore, though, not a bad one.  After about a week of use, the soreness wore off, or at least it wasn’t noticeable after that.  I can say that during my two weeks of repeated use, I found myself noticing that my posture was poor and I corrected it immediately.  The neurobands in the bra provided the support I need to align my spine and really did a great job at helping me train myself to use good posture.  Personally, I like the tightness of a sports bra for working out and light walks, but I’m not one to wear a sports bra all day long unless I’m on a hiking trip or some type of excursion where I’m being active and need to be in comfortable exercise clothes.  I do continue to wear this to the gym or during my evening walks, but will most likely not wear it all day every day moving forward.  If I were in the training or lifting industries full time, I think this would be a great product for females in those fields.  As for me, this is great durable bra that I will use several times a week at the gym and when I’m hiking in the mountains.

Double and Triple Stitchingalignmedsportsbra-5

Another nice feature on this bra is the double and triple stitching used in various seems.  You can see the triple stitching on the front near the shoulder where the powermesh materials meet the main front of the bra.  The double stitching can be found on the elastic trim that goes around the perimeter of the bra.  With so many stretchable fabrics in this piece, the reinforces seems will definitely ensure that the bra is durable and long lasting.

Material Content

The main body of the AlignMed bra is made up of 89% Nylon, 10% Spandex and 1% Olefin.  The materials in the back of the bra are 87% Nylon Spandex and 13% Polyester.  It is labeled as being Made in the USA.

Care Instructions

AlignMed suggests that the bra be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle and air dried.  Do not iron, dry clean, or use bleach.

How much does it cost?

The bra retails for $95 and in most cases standard priority shipping is $6.20.  The retail price may seem a bit high to most shoppers, but is actually in line with other high end performance wear.  You definitely get what you pay for and in this case, it’s a high quality product that is extremely effective in promoting and maintaining good posture.

Where to Buy the AlignMed Braalignmedsportsbra-2

You can find the bra on their website or on Amazon.  It’s available on Amazon Prime for those of you who prefer to shop on Amazon and save on shipping costs.

Other AlignMed Apparel

AlignMed designs several lines of men’s and women’s athletic and postural apparel.  The men’s items include pullover and zipper posture shirts and shoe insoles.  Ladies’ items range from zip up bras, pullover and zip up posture shirts, and athletic capris.  AlignMed is also currently in the process of releasing two more product lines -AlignPro and AlignTrek.


Can I return the bra after 30 days of use?

The bra can be returned up to 30 days after your purchase if the product is in like-new condition.  You must go to the AlignMed website and print the return/exchange form provided.  Once you complete the form, you can return the bra back to the manufacturer for a refund or exchange.  AlignMed asks that the product be returned in the original packaging with all tags and informational packets.  Returns are not authorized on final sale items or custom orders.  AlignMed has the right to refuse any return or exchange.

If the return is due to a warranty issue or is defective, AlignMed will accept the product back within 60 days of your purchase.  If the bra can be repaired, it may be altered or repaired;  If it cannot be fixed, AlignMed will exchange the bra for a new one.

Can I put the bra in the washer and dryer?

AlignMed recommends that the bra be washed in cold water and hung to dry.  Doing this will ensure that the Neuroband technology will not be damaged in any way during drying.  They also suggest washing the bra separately so that zippers, buttons, velcro, etc. from other clothes do not interfere with the bra and damage it during washing.  From my personal experience, I always wash delicates on the gentle cycle with like- colors.  If I am pressed for time, sometimes I will dry delicates on low heat with other delicates and they usually turn out fine.

Will the bra conceal nicely under clothing?

The bra does conceal seamlessly under clothing like most undergarments.  If you are wearing a tight-fitted shirt you may be able to see the impression of the cutout hole in the back of the bra.

What other colors does the AlignMed bra come in?

The AlignMed bra is currently available in four colors: black, blue, nude, and white.

Why does the bra have a zipper?zipper

The zipper is an added design feature that makes dressing and undressing easier.  Simply zip up the bra when you put it on and unzip for removal.

Does it help to correct poor posture?

Yes, the bra helps to stimulate muscles and trains your spine to align correctly, thus retraining your muscles to practice good posture.

Will I feel sore after wearing the AlignMed bra?

You may experience soreness after wearing any of AlignMed’s products, as they all can stimulate muscle groups that may not be used often.  The soreness is a good sign however, letting you know that specific postural muscles are being targeted and that the good posture training is already taking place.

Can I wear the bra all day long or just during workouts?

You can wear the bra as long as you want or as little as you need.  It is designed for all-day wear.  You can also wear the bra for a few hours and work up to several hour shifts you experience soreness for the first few wears.

Do the neurobands really work?

Yes!  You can actually feel the neurobands pulling the muscle groups when you wear it.  If you experience some soreness after or during wear, you know the neurobands are doing their job.

If my measurements are between sizes, should I size up or down?

AlignMed recommends that you size down if you are on the border.  Their products are meant to be tight-fitting yet still comfortable.  If you feel you made an error in choosing your size, you can always exchange it for another size that works best for you.

Why is the AlignMed bra so expensive?price

The AlignMed bra is a specialty item that not only supports your chest, but actually promotes good posture and healthy living.  It’s a high end, effective orthopedic product, not to be confused with your standard everyday sports bra.

How long will the bra last?

The lifespan of the this product depends on repeated use and washing and drying care.  If worn all day for several days a week, it will most likely last for a year or more.  If cared for properly and used minimally several days a week, you should see years of life out of it.

Is the AlignMed bra covered under insurance?

At this time, the bra is not covered by insurance.  The only item that is covered by insurance is the SpinalQ – you can call AlignMed directly to see if your insurance qualifies.



SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
  • Offered with a 90 Day Money back guarantee
  • Simple yet effective


AlignMed is a Santa Ana, CA based company that has been designing postural and fitness products since 2004. Their core mission and belief is that by maintaining and preserving proper posture and form, you can increase mobility, range of motion, reduce pain, and enhance your performance.

Increase Your Mobility

Some may not think that mobility and movement are related to good posture, however your posture really is the back bone to being mobile. Mobility by definition is the ability to move or be moved freely and the foundation of movement is having good posture. AlignMed specifically designs their Interactive Apparel capri pants with a proprietary elastic material that helps stimulate muscle groups to promote good posture during wear. When correct posture is achieved, your body becomes stable and therefore allows for increased mobility.

Increase your Range of Motion

The AlignMed Capris aid in increasing your range of motion by promoting proper posture and form. When you practice good posture, your mobility increases and your body becomes stable. A stable body allows for more range of motion in our joints. It’s much easier to reach your arm behind your neck to scratch your back when you are standing straight with proper posture. If you are hunched over, it’s more difficult – try it! This is an example of how your range of motion increases with proper posture.

Reduce Pain

Maintaining good posture is the key to reducing lower back and neck pain – both caused by poor posture. When you keep an aligned and healthy spine, back pain can be tremendously reduced. It’s easy to get into a bad habit of sitting slouched at a desk or standing humped over. The AlignMed Capris aid to help in promoting good posture while they are being worn. Practicing good posture with the capris on will train your spine to align correctly. Over time, your body will soon be trained to maintain good posture and can reverse damage to nerves, muscles, discs and joints that were impacted by poor posture.

Enhance Performance

Practicing good posture is key to staying mobile, active, and healthy. The AlignMed capris won’t turn you into an Olympian overnight, but they do promote an active lifestyle. The key is to move. Get off of your office chair and walk around, practice good posture, and be active. This is what AlignMed means by promoting enhanced performance. Whatever you are doing, perhaps yoga, running, weight training, or simply walking, the AlignMed capris are meant to promote good posture and aid in performance.img_20161028_140713159_hdr

What is Interactive Apparel?

AlignMed’s Interactive Apparel is actively working for you while you’re wearing it. Their proprietary materials include Neurobands, Muscle Mapping, and Gel-Channeling. These three technologies work together to create a stimulating piece of apparel that trains your spine to align naturally which will promote healthy posture.

AlignMed Neurobands

img_20161028_141454897The elastic neurobands found in the AlignMed Mid-Calf capri pants have similar properties as your muscles in that they train your joints and soft tissues, thus strengthening and aligning your spine. While wearing the capris, you will feel a tight pull in various areas – this tightness is actually stimulating your muscles so that your body can naturally align.

AlignMed Muscle Mapping

The AlignMed Muscle Mapping is actually a maze of neurobands specifically sewn into key areas of the capri pants so that when worn, a precise amount of pull and tension can stimulate and support your muscles. This trains soft tissues and joints so that your spine can strengthen and align in a natural healthy position. If you find that your AlignMed pants are too loose and are not experiencing a slight tightness, you may need a smaller size. The pants are designed to fit tightly so muscles can be targeted and stimulated, yet comfortable to wear during any physical activity.

AlignMed Gel-Channeling

AlignMed’s third proprietary technology is the Gel-Channeling. Although gel-channeling is not used in the AlignMed capri pants, it is another kind of stimulating technology that targets areas of the foot and toes to promote circulation. The gel redirects the energy from your steps to where you need the support the most.

img_20161028_141022121Product Features


The AlignMed Mid-Calf capris are available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. The size chart breakdown is as follows:
24.5″-26″ Waist and 35″-36.5″ Hips

26.5″-28″ Waist and 37″-38.5″ Hips

28.5″-30″ Waist and 39″-40.5″ Hips

30.5″-32″ Waist and 41″-42.5″ Hips

32.5″-34″ Waist and 43″-44.5″ Hips

If you find that you are on the border of a size, AlignMed recommends to size down. Their NeuroBand technology is more effective when the capris are snug and not loose. I ordered an XL and at first glance when I opened my package, I thought the sizing looked spot on. Sometimes certain brands of yoga pants or exercise capris arrive looking really tiny like you can just pour them on, but the mid-calf capris looked just right. To be honest, my measurements were a bit larger than described under their XL sizes, but since it said to size down, I crossed my fingers and hoped they would fit.

My Personal Review

The first wear

As I started to put on the capris, I noticed that they were a bit snug around my calves and knees. I was a little nervous that they were going to be too small but as I continued to pull them up around my hips, I soon realized that they were the perfect fit. (Tip: If you start to feel like you have to really pull on the material in order to get them on, grab the pants from the bottom knee area and pull upwards instead of pulling at the waist band. This will cause less stress on the fabric at the top, and will form tighter around the buttocks and waist where you really need the support.)img_20161028_141602241_hdr

It’s amazing how you can really feel the power mesh materials and neurobands inside the pants (pictured above). I am a fuller figured gal and love my curves, and let me tell, these capris make me feel confident and strong. The power mesh panels really do lift the buttocks and gave me the comfort and support that I need. The waistband rests just at my belly button. I did hike the pants up a bit because I prefer a high-rise waist, especially when I’m exercising so it keeps my stomach in and tight. I’ve never felt this good in yoga or workout pants ever.

I read online that the next day after use, you may be sore from the neurobands in the pants.  I didn’t believe it at first, but the next morning I felt like I had done squats the day before and felt a tightness on my backside – this goes to show that the neurobands really did stimulate my muscles and were actively working while I was wearing them!

Color Options

The Mid-Calf pants are available in 4 colors: black, blue, mint green, and grey. The blue pants consist of a pattern that combines purple, blue and white. It’s a unique brush stroke pattern that is very bright and attractive. The same pattern is available in mint green and grey as well. The mint green pattern has touches of white and light tan. The grey pattern has hints of navy blue and black. The most flattering of the colors will be the black and grey colors. However if you are looking to show off those legs, the blue and mint colors are the way to go if you want to make a statement. All color options are designed with Neurobands and muscle mapping, so choose the color your prefer, or buy several!img_20161028_141215201


These AlignMed capris are very comfortable – it’s the perfect combination of a snug fit and a soft fabric, allowing you to freely move in whatever environment you plan to be in. When you first put the pants on, you can actually feel the fabric shape around your legs and pull you in with a nice, cozy fit. The pants have a comfortable waistband that is not low-rise but more mid-rise. When compared to the average loose fitting yoga pants out there, these actually form around your thighs and buttocks so you feel supported. This helps to lift, shape, and stimulate your glutes and hamstrings. There is also a diamond-shaped gusset for additional reinforcement in the seat area and flat-lock seams for added comfort that help to reduce chaffing.


The Align-Med capris are priced at $95 + $6.20 USPS Priority shipping, which brings your total to $101.20 per pair. Some may think that the pants are a bit on the high-end of exercise apparel, however most yoga pant manufacturers do not have the proprietary interactive apparel technology built in to the fabric like Align-Med does. Middle range quality exercise apparel usually costs between $35-$50 per item, so really these capris are only double the price and you get all the benefits of powermesh panels, top of the line moisture wicking material, neurobands, and muscle mapping technology. Considering all of the research, development, and product design that AlignMed has into their apparel, I think the capris are more than fairly priced for such a one-of-a-kind item.


Shipping is pretty standard however there are a few options to choose from:
USPS Priority Mail – 3-5 business days for $6.20
FedEx Express Saver – 3 business days for $13.95
FedEx 2-Day – 2 business days $15.21

USPS Priority Mail is pretty much right on point at 3 days anywhere in the country, even though they say it can take 5 business days. If you are not in a rush, USPS Priority Mail is most likely the best shipping option. If you are in a hurry to receive the pants, the 2-Day shipping price is actually very reasonable at $15.21.

Apparent Quality

The capris are designed with AlignMed Powermesh panels. These panels are meant to lift and support the buttocks and are composed of reinforced material that is breathable yet sturdy enough for repeated use and wear. Another great feature is that the material used in the pants is moisture-wicking, meaning that moisture is absorbed from any area of your body and then is dispersed among the rest of the material and away from your body so that it can dry out and keep you cool. This is especially helpful during vigorous workouts or when you begin to sweat.  The fabric is 85% polyester and 15% spandex, which is why the pants are silky smooth and comfortable.  There is a hidden pocket located in the waist band that is a great place to stash a key or hold your drivers license. I personally keep my house key in the pocket when we take our after-dinner walks in the evening.img_20161028_140938380

Care Instructions – Do’s and Don’ts

Per AlignMed’s instructions, it’s best to hand wash the capris in cold water with a mild detergent and then hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Most people throw their athletic wear directly in the washing machine and dryer, but sometimes this can cause bright colors to bleed onto other articles of clothing, or weaken the stitching around the seems which ultimately causes holes to form or the fabric to rip apart. If you are like me and rarely hand wash any clothes by hand, I think it’s safe to say that you can put the pants on the gentle/delicate cycle on cold in the washing machine – but only if you are washing the pants by themselves or with like-colors. Then simply throw the pants over a hanger and let them air dry. The pants only need a few hours to air dry since the moisture wick material naturally draws the moisture out. It would be best to avoid washing the pants with any items that have velcro, zippers, or buckles attached so that you can prevent any small snags or damage to the fabric.

Product Uses

img_20161028_141706121_hdrThere are many uses for this interactive apparel – and as long as your active in them, they are working for you to support good posture. The capris can be worn during any activity, whether it’s a vigorous workout or a casual walk around the neighborhood. We all know these pants are great for running to the grocery store in and all those exciting errands we run all the time as well. Common uses of the capris are yoga, regular gym use, running, walking, biking and lifting, but are by no means limited to these activities. The mid-calf pants can be worn all day or for just a short time period. The lifetime of the pants varies based on regular use, what primary activity they are being worn during, and the proper care and cleaning of the pants. I wear my AlignMed pants all the time, especially because I work from home. I have a pretty active lifestyle and am always on the go. Whether I’m running around the house cleaning or cooking, out at the gym, walking around our neighborhood’s greenway trails, or simply sitting at my desk for a few hours (or many hours!), the capris really are comfortable during any part of my day. Sometimes I hate being “that woman” at the grocery store in my workout clothes, but these are fashionable enough to make a statement, and let’s face it, until I’m unable to rock them in public, by all means I’m going to!

I did notice that when I wore the capris, I found myself standing and sitting upright with better posture.   I think that the tightness of the material and neurobands underneath were definitely stimulating and training my muscles to practice good posture.  I can’t say that I had perfect posture the entire time that I was wearing the capris, but it was clearly noticeable that the pants were positively impacting my stance.


Warranty – It’s guaranteed!

img_20161029_164126045AlignMed has a great 60-Day Manufacturer defect return policy. This means that if you received the product in a damaged or defective state, you must let the company know within 60 days in order to receive a replacement or have it repaired. AlignMed does not cover negligence, normal wear and tear or modifications of any sort in their warranty.
This policy is pretty standard in the industry – although many competitors offer 30 day warranties, so the AlignMed manufactuer’s warranty is a bit longer than most.

Other Apparel

If you are in love with your mid-calf capri pants like I am, you may want to check out some of AlignMed’s other products. They have a great sports bra that is available in several colors. There is also a women’s pullover shirt and zipper down shirt – both available in an array of colors. All products use the neuroband and muscle-mapping technologies. If you are training and are looking to increase foot strength and speed, AlignMed  has full-range shoe insoles available. These inserts use the gel-channeling technology that I was discussing earlier on, that is not found in the apparel, just the shoe inserts. The insoles wick away moisture, are interchangeable and reversible, and improves shock absorption during impact training.


  • stimulates and trains muscles which promotes good posture
  • comfortable
  • fashionable
  • instant buttocks support
  • fast shipping


  • on the high-end of athletic apparel



SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
  • Offered with a 90 Day Money back guarantee
  • Simple yet effective

About the Upright Upright

This review highlights the Upright Posture Trainer – a user friendly device and app that trains and promotes healthy posture.  The Upright arrived at my doorstep in a neatly packaged lime green magnetic box.  Included inside of the box was the Upright trainer, charging station with USB chord, 60 felt adhesive strips, 8 rubbing alcohol towelettes, and 3 instruction cards complete with App downloading instructions and product information.  It’s clear that Oded Cohen, designer and Founder of Upright, and his team put a lot of thought into the packaging – everything fit perfectly into place, instructions were on point, and the branding was top notch.

Getting started

Before getting started, you must download the Upright App to your phone. Accessing the App is quite simple.  If you have an iPhone or iPad, just head over to the App Store and search for Upright.  The same goes for Android devices.  Click on the Google Play App and you can easily search for Upright there as well.  Downloading should take just a minute or so on either device.  Once the app is installed on your device, open the app and choose the “Let’s Go!” button. By choosing this, you will automatically accept the terms of use and privacy policy.

Screenshot_2016-04-26-12-14-14Setup Wizard

Right after you accept the terms of use and privacy policy, the setup wizard will appear on your screen.  Setup is very straight forward and consists of 6 steps, calibration, and an official sign-up.

Step 1 – Power Up and Bluetooth On

Step 1 walks you through turning the actual device on which consists of simply holding down on the center of the device directly under the Upright logo.  A Flashing blue light should appear signaling that it has powered on.  The second phase ofScreenshot_2016-04-26-12-15-05 this step involves connecting the device to your mobile device through Bluetooth.  When I first powered on the Upright, I didn’t have Bluetooth activated on my cell phone so I received
this error message.  If you get this, simply go into your phone/tablet settings and make sure Bluetooth is switched “ON”.  It may take a second to recognize nearby devices and you may need to refresh your Bluetooth screen on your mobile device.  Within a minute or so you should see the “Upright” appear under nearby devices.  Once you see that, you can switch back to the Upright App and choose “Connect” in order for the Upright to sync to your mobile Bluetooth.  You will know that you are connected when a large green check mark appears on your screen.  At this point Step 1 was successfully completed.

Step 2 – Where and How to attach the Upright

Step 2 is more of a how-to video tutorial than anything.  This step walks you through Screenshot_2016-04-26-12-19-25where you place the Upright and how to attach it.  The ideal placement location is just above the hips and above your pant-line in the center of your lower back.  You can refer to the videos for exact placement instructions.  A nice feature the app offers is that you can watch the videos over and over again before moving on to the next step.

The remainder of step 2 talks about making sure your lower back is clean and dry before attaching the Upright.  Rubbing Alcohol wipes are included in case you need to clean the area where the Upright will attach.

Step 3 – Adhesive Strips

Step 3 in the setup wizard discusses the use Upright3and application of the adhesive strips onto the Upright device and then on to your lower back.  There are 60 felt adhesive pads included with the Upright.  DO NOT peel the adhesive pads off of the strip.  I got ahead of myself and peeled a pad off before watching the entire Step 3 video.  If you touch the adhesive side of the pad, it will be difficult to remove and will then compromise the stickiness once placed on your back.  The video instructs you to toss the pad if your fingers come in contact with the sticky side and just start fresh with a new one.

Screenshot_2016-04-26-12-20-31The correct way to handle the strips as instructed by the video are as follows:

  1. Tear one pad + paper backing off the strip at the perforated line.
  2. Place the felt side of the pad directly on the back side of the Upright on top of the black sensory panel.
  3. Press firmly on the paper side a few times so that the felt is meshing with the sensory panel.
  4. Slowly peel the paper off of the adhesive strip without touching the sticky side.  Now you are ready to attach the Upright onto the lower back in Step 4.

Step 4 – Attaching the Upright to Your BackScreenshot_2016-04-26-12-22-00

Now it’s time to attach the Upright to your back.  The wizard has a great video tutorial in this step that shows exactly where to place the Upright.  When you are ready to adhere the Upright to your back, gently push on the device so that you get a secure fit on the back.  I was careful when sticking the device on because I did not want to accidentally press the power button when applying the device.  I gently pushed on the top and sides of the Upright to make sure it was sticking securely to my back.

Step 5 – Upright Posture

Step 5 discusses correct Upright posture.  The video shows you how to find your neutral spine (your natural upright position).  Your neutral spine should feel comfortable and natural.  Here’s how you find it:Screenshot_2016-04-26-12-23-56

  1. Fully arch your back and slouch forward.  Arch once more and release to your neutral upright posture.
  2. Pull your belly button towards your spine to find support from your core.  Breathe deeply and stay relaxed.
  3. Roll your shoulders back and drop.
  4. Lengthen your neck and tuck your chin in.  Lengthen your spine like a string is pulling you up from above.
  5. Don’t hyper-extend your spine.  Stay relaxed, loosen your shoulders and breathe deep.  Now you know what neutral upright posture should feel like.

Step 6 – Upright Needs to Learn your Back

This step will prepare you for the calibration process.  The video instructs you to move to the edge of your seat so that Upright is far enough away from the back of your chair so that it doesn’t get bumped or misplaced.  Be sure that both feet are planted firmly on the ground below your chair.  Press “Next” to start the calibration process.


Upright needs to be calibrated each time you use the App to train so it can detect your Upright position and your slouched position.  Calibration is very important because this is how the App detects whether you are slouching or not.

During calibration, the App will instruct you to sit upright for a few seconds – Click “I’m Upright!” when you are in position.  Then it will prompt you to slouch forward for a few seconds.  You will feel a slight vibration when you slouch forward – this confirms that it has calibrated your posture and it knows when you are Upright vs. slouching.  During training, it will vibrate each time you slouch and have poor posture.  When you are practicing good posture, you will not feel any vibration.

Try to avoid using your chair back rest during training, as you don’t want to disturb the Upright device on your back.  It’s best for your core muscles to not be supported anyway.  Upright should only be used while seating, as the device is not appropriate for walking or standing just yet.

Screenshot_2016-04-26-12-27-36Training Program

Once calibration is complete, the app will guide you through the training program.  The App is set up to train your posture for 21 days.  The first few days of training last for 5 minutes each day and gradually increases over time to 60 minutes per day.  It’s really not a huge commitment at all and is surprisingly effective.  If you need to stand up or pause training, there is a pause button on the App that will temporarily pause the training.

My Dashboard

The “My Dashboard” section is a great overview of your training period.  It tracks your daily goal for training and notifies you while you are wearing the device of good, fair, and poor posture.  There are 3 smiley face icons that will light up during training.  Green is good posture, yellow is fair posture, and red is poor posture.  You will only feel the vibration when the smiley face is red.  I noticed a few times that the yellow smiley face icon was lit for several seconds even though I thought I had good posture at the time.  If you feel that the device is off, you can always pause training and re-calibrate the Upright.


The Upright is priced at $129.95 with free standard shipping in the United States.  An upgraded version is available for $139.95 that includes 64 additional adhesive strips (a total of 124 strips).  In the long run, when you run out of strips and need to purchase more, you can get 64 strips for $14.99.  If you plan on using the Upright long-term, you may as well buy the upgraded pack with the additional strips and save the $5 now.

Posture training devices sure have come a long way!  The Upright is a great product that effectively utilizes technology to re-train your body to practice good posture. This is a product that I would highly recommend if you are in the market for a posture training device that accurately detects slouching and helps to retrain your poor posture.  What’s really great about the Upright is that training only takes several minutes to a few hours a day.  You also don’t have to worry about wearing an additional garment under your clothes that could be restricting or noticeable to others.

Other App Features

There is quite a bit of useful information available on the app if you have any questions regarding setup, positioning the device, or need to contact support.


The library on the App offers the same videos you saw during the Setup Wizard, so in case you want to refer back to their instructions, you can access those videos right on your mobile device.  There are also several articles available to read for more information on posture.

Videos & Articles

There are 8 videos available to watch on the app via YouTube.  These are my recommendations:

“Upright Help”

“Where to attach Upright”

“Attach Upright”Upright5

“What is an upright posture?”


There are 7 articles available for reading on the App and I would recommend reading the following:

“Staying healthy in the office”

“5 reasons to start working on your posture”

“The importance of ergonomics and posture”

“How to keep moving when you have to stay sitting”


The troubleshoot section offers some insight into questions that may arise.  When you click on this option in the App, it directs you to another YouTube video and talks about the following:

  • Adjusting the sensitivity level on the app
  • Re-calibrating the device
  • Ensuring the adhesive is correctly adhering to your back and be sure your back is clean and dry.  A new adhesive may be necessary if you are having issues.
  • Re-positioning the Upright upside down if the sensors are not registering correctly, or adhere the Upright slightly higher or lower than your original position.  Remember to re-calibrate if you re-position the device.


The FAQ section of the App is very informative as well.  I actually had a question myself during my test period regarding the different colors of the lights on the Upright.  I opened the FAQ section and found my answer right away.  If you can’t seem to find the answers you are looking for, you can always shoot them an email or schedule a Skype call with the customer support team.  Both of these options can be achieved using the app as well.

My 9-Day Test Period

I tested the Upright over the course of 9 days.  Here’s how it went:

Day 1

I trained with Upright on the first day that I received my package.  Since I had downloaded the app, registered with Upright, calibrated the device, and watched the video tutorials during training, I was ready to start my Day 1 training.  The daily goal was 5 minutes and it flew right by.  In fact, I trained for a total of 8 minutes without even realizing I was over my first daily goal.  I received a message on the App congratulating me for my performance and that my posture was straight for 8 minutes. My Dashboard I’m sure I had the yellow smiley face icon for a few seconds here and there, but Upright calculates good and fair posture as “straight”.  If you feel the vibration from poor posture, it definitely is effective and motivates you to sit up straight.

After training was over, I held down the power button located in the center of the Upright device and waited a few seconds until a quick vibration occurred – then I knew the device was turning off.  I tucked the device in the drawer of my desk next to the original packaging and went on with my day.

Day 2

On day 2, I grabbed the Upright and turned on the device.  After opening the app and looking at “My Dashboard”, I noticed that the Upright was not syncing with my phone. You can easily tell if it’s syncing with Bluetooth by looking to the right of your name under the “My Dashboard” tab.  If a green Icon with a check mark is there, then the Bluetooth is working.  If you see a red X, then it’s not syncing correctly.  Just go into your mobile device settings and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.  You may need to refresh the settings once you switch your Bluetooth back on.  The Upright should be found and start syncing immediately.

I ripped an adhesive pad (with paper backing still in tact!) off the perforated strip and secured it to the back of the Upright.  Then I peeled off the paper without touching the sticky side and secured it to my lower back just above my pant line.  I pressed the “Start Training” button but nothing was happening.  I quickly remembered that I needed to calibrate the device before each use.  I clicked on the green icon to the right of my name and calibrated the Upright.

My daily goal was 5 minutes just like the day prior.  I finished in no time and was remained straight during the entire duration.

Days 3 -9

Screenshot_2016-05-05-09-14-04I followed this same routine for days 3-9 as my training times gradually increased each day.  I could tell by Day 3 that my muscles were already starting to become trained to stay in an upright position while seated at my desk.  I noticed that I actually started to use my backrest less often also since I became used to sitting at the edge of my desk as if I was wearing the Upright for most of the day, even though I only had it on for minutes at a time.  On occasion, I would forget to calibrate the device, but was reminded immediately when I couldn’t start training.  There were also a few instances where I forgot that I was wearing the Upright and surpassed my daily training goals.

During one calibration, I did have a problem during the process and was prompted with this Calibration Failure warning.  It lasted just a few seconds though and then the calibration was completed soon after.  I experienced this once during my 9 day testing period. I believe the calibration issue was caused by not sitting still during the process, so just remember to hold your good posture and slouch positions without moving during calibration.

I’m still working finishing up the 21-day training program and I will post my complete results and screen shots at a later date.   All in all, I had a great experience from start to finish with this device and App.  I think the price is completely justified for such a great App and posture trainer that can be used over and over again when you feel your posture starting to slip.

Usability and Comfort

My personal experience with the Upright was great as far as comfort and use.  I downloaded the App on my Android phone for convenience purposes, but I could have also installed it on my tablet.  I always have my phone with me at my desk in my office so that’s the device I chose.  The actual device is very lightweight and comfortable.  The flexible rubber material goes unnoticed while wearing it on your back.  The only time I even realized I was still wearing it was when my posture started to slip and I felt a slight vibration.  Other than that it’s quite comfortable.

The only downside to this device is that it’s not meant to be worn while standing or walking so I’m limited to do my training during the weekdays while I’m sitting and working at my desk.  I suspect that this will not be problematic for most people though anyway.

 Concluding Thoughts

There are many posture products on the market, but not as modern of an approach as this!  I’ve reviewed several products over the years and it’s always good to know what options are out there for your specific needs.  Take a look at some of my other recommended products here and as always good luck with your research.

SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
  • Offered with a 90 Day Money back guarantee
  • Simple yet effective

About the SheerPosture

The SheerPosure Anatomy


front pad 1.1The SheerPosture is a one-size-fits-most unisex posture support that is designed to prevent shoulder slouch and correct poor posture.

It’s a one piece posture brace that can accommodate most body types because of its adjustable nature.  Each arm strap has a metal slide buckle that moves along a canvas strap, which in effect, allows you to lengthen or shorten the strap to fit your body and provide more or less shoulder support.  Also, each strap comes with a removable arm pit cushion to relieve tension and chafing.

A 4.5″ wide  by 43.5″ long adjustable stretchable Velcro belt wraps around the stomach and fastens at the front. The manufacturer’s website states that it will fit those with a stomach measurement between 29″ to 40″.  On either side of this belt, a small elastic pull fastens to the main velcro belt. It serves two purposes which include to provide additional support to the mid-back as well as to hold the support in place.

At the center rear, two vertical flexible reinforcement bands measuring 4.25″ by .75″ provide rigidity to the center of the support.

The SheerPosture is made from a seemingly strong, yet lightweight material that is double stitched together. When placed on a scale, the entire brace weighs 9.31 ounces. Reinforcement has been added to the attachment points where the main body meets the adjustable arm straps. My first impression of this support is that it’s well made, seems durable and would be a product that’s found at a medical supply store.

Buy Here

Directions for use

The manufacturer provides an instruction sheet that shows how to put on and remove the SheerPosture as well as directions for use. Here’s a brief summary of the information provided by the manufacturer:

*Note: the manufacturer suggests wearing this support on top of an undershirt for maximum comfort.

Putting on the SheerPosture

  1. Remove support from the packaging, lay out, and ensure that all velcro straps are unfastened.
  2. Slide the metal buckle to fully extend the arm strap. You will make further adjustments to this strap later in step 7.
  3. The SheerPosture is worn just like a backpack. Put the support on by feeding one arm through each arm strap. Be sure to put it on with the label facing towards you  on the inside so that it’s not visible when worn.
  4. Gently pull down on the belt ends to fully extend the back of the support.
  5. Secure the belly belt just above the navel by fastening the two velcro ends together. The belt should be snug but not too tight.
  6. Wrap the pull straps around the stomach and fasten each side equally to the velcro belt. These straps should provide additional support without being uncomfortable.
  7. Have an assistant make adjustments to the metal slide buckle. A further explanation on how tight these straps can be is found in the directions for use.
  8. Insert the arm pit pads, fasten the velcro ends together, and slide to the desired position.

Removing the SheerPosture

  1. Loosen both pull straps and then unfasten the belt.
  2. Reach behind your head, cross your arms, and use your thumbs to grab each arm strap.
  3. Lift straight up over your head to remove.

Putting the SheerPosture to use

The manufacturer offers specific instructions on how the SheerPosture should be worn.

As mentioned earlier, they suggest wearing this support on top of an undershirt. It can also be worn over top of your clothing if you prefer.

They show an example of what your posture should look like when the shoulder straps are properly adjusted. The illustration provided with directions shows that the straps should be tightened until shoulders are square and your earlobes are aligned with the center of your shoulders.

This support is intended to be used as tool to help retrain your posture. The manufacturer suggests that you incorporate regular posture strengthening exercises into your daily routine as well as wear their support.

How many hours and days should it be worn?

TimeThe directions suggest that you start off by wearing the support for up to 60 minutes per day. As time goes on, you can increase the wear time to a total of 4-6 hours.  They claim that you will see an immediate improvement in your posture and should see long lasting results that do not require the use of a support within the first 12 weeks of use when you use the support and adopt an exercise routine to target your postural muscles.

What colors is the SheerPosture available in?

The manufacturer currently offers the SheerPosture in 4 different colors:

  • Black with black trim
  • Blue with black trim
  • Pink with white trim
  • Beige with white trim

How much does it cost?

cost4On their website, the SheerPosture sells for $49.99.  They offer free shipping to customers within the United States.  According to their website, your order is usually shipped the same day and transit time is usually 1-3 days. From the time that you place an order until it arrives at your doorstep, it should take somewhere between 2-4 business days.

Comparing the cost of the SheerPosture to similar posture supports on the market, this one is priced slightly less than average.

Does it come with a money back guarantee?

MBGThe manufacturer offers a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee which is 60 days longer than the industry standard of 30 days offered by most support manufacturers. They accept returns for any reason although they do require you to pay return shipping.

My experience using the SheerPosture

How did I find the SheerPosture?

A few months back, I reviewed another product that was similar to the SheerPosture and I was quite impressed with its performance. Unfortunately, shortly after writing the review, the seams started to unravel and the straps started to separate. After less than a month of use, it was completely destroyed which was disappointing because it was a product that I really liked.

I was interested in buying a similar style support but did not want to reorder from the original company because I  had concerns about the quality. While searching around for a replacement, I came across the SheerPosture.

The first thing that captured my interest with the SheerPosture was the fact that they were advertising “strong heavy duty material” which is exactly what I was looking for.  In addition, their support also came with attachable arm pit cushions which I could not find with any other support. If you have ever worn a posture brace, you probably already know that the arm straps can irritate your underarms. These pads seemed to offer a solution to the chafing issue that’s common with most posture supports.

After checking out the SheerPosture, I placed my order and waited for it to arrive.

The arrival and initial thoughts

package content

The sheer posture arrives with the brace, armpit pads, and instructions

Two days after ordering, the SheerPosture arrived on my doorstep. Inside the box was a support that was neatly tucked inside of a plastic poly bag.

The bag contained one support, a pair of removal armpit pads, and an instruction sheet. The instructions were very thorough and included illustrations showing how to put on and take off the support as well as a bit of information on how it’s used. I found the directions for putting on and removing the SheerPosture to be clear,  accurate, and easy to follow.

After looking closely at the design, specifically where the arm straps attach to the body, it was clear that the engineering was superior in comparison to the similar style supports that I have purchased in the past.

It was also evident that the material used to make this support were of high quality. I gave each strap a good pull and the double stitching showed no signs of stress or tearing. So far, so good.

As for the the armpit cushions, they contained a fair amount of foam padding inside. A strip of velcro is sewn on to the edge of each cushion.  The pad is wrapped around the arm strap and secured together using the velcro fastening system.

Buy Here

The Plan

planLet me tell you a little bit about myself and why I started testing posture braces. I’ve spent several years seated behind a computer working long hours. As a result, my posture has suffered tremendously. I’ve tried many posture supports and trainers and have found quite a bit of long-term success with most of them as seen over here.

Unfortunately, I have found myself slipping back into the habit of using bad posture after straying away from my exercise program and not wearing a support. It’s been a few months so now I’m back to square one. My plan is to test out the SheerPosture and incorporate a few simple at home exercises. This has worked well in the past and should help to get my posture back on track.

I’ll document my weekly progress below:

Day 1

day1I decide to go with the manufacturer’s recommendation and wear the support over top of a form fitted t-shirt. I followed the instructions and a couple minutes later, I had the SheerPosture secured and ready to go. The fitting process was easy and I had experienced no issues.

I could immediately feel the support as it held my shoulders back and into place. The material was soft and had a velvety feel to the touch.

After a few minutes, I noticed that the arm straps were not digging into my armpits as I have experienced with several of the other posture braces in the past. I was already sold on the armpit pad feature alone.

The first day I wore it for only an hour just to try it out and get a feel for it.

Week 1

During the first week of use, I had worn the SheerPosture on top of my undershirt and underneath my button up dress shirt. I’m not one to proudly advertise that I’m wearing a posture brace. In fact, the idea of one of my coworkers finding out that I’m wearing a posture support embarrasses me just to think about. Luckily, this support delivers when it comes to being concealed. It’s virtually undetectable when worn under a dress shirt. This is good news as I don’t want my coworkers to razz me about my new “Man-bra”. No one seemed to notice that I was wearing a support underneath my clothing.

During the first week, I wore it to work for a couple hours in the morning and slipped out shortly before lunch to remove it.

The extra support felt great and it remained firm yet comfortable throughout the morning. I believe that the armpit cushions really helped to improve my level of comfort.

Week 2

exercise bandDuring week 2, I continued to wear the support for two, sometimes three hour during the day. I started wearing the support after lunch, as my posture seems to suffer the most as the day comes to an end and I’m tired.

Going into week two, I knew that it was time to get serious about restoring my posture and needed to incorporate a short exercise routine to help strengthen my postural muscles. I wasn’t interested in a program that involves extensive vigorous exercises or expensive machinery so I decided to commit to a few simple exercises that I would perform at home after work. I went with the exercises suggested on the SheerPosture website.  In the past, I have followed a similar routine to target my postural muscles.

By the end of week two, things were going well. The Sheerposture was holding up with no signs of tearing at the seams. I ordered a resistance band from Amazon for around $10 and had it ready for next week. With an exercise routine in mind and an exercise band in hand, I was ready to move into week three.

Weeks 3-5

thumbs up yesOver the next 3 weeks,  I wore the support for most of the day. I could really feel a difference each evening when I came home from work. My shoulders and upper back did not ache by the end of the day. Best of all, my posture was beginning to show signs of improvement by the end of week 5.

I had developed a simple exercise routine – twelve to fifteen minutes total per day, three to four days per week completing a series of posture strengthen exercises.

The components of the support are all holding together without issues. All straps and stitching are showing no signs of separation.

Weeks 6-8

After two months of using the SheerPosture, my overall posture has improved tremendously and I’m well on my way to a full recovery. I have become more aware of my posture while seated and am able to keep my shoulders back and body upright, even without the assistance of this support.

During the past two weeks, I’ve only been using the SheerPosture occasionally and I’m still able to maintain great posture. I’ve been continuing with my exercise routine which helps to keep my postural muscles in top shape and able to function without the aid of a support.

Weeks 9-10

tenIt’s been two and a half months since I’ve begun my journey to restore my posture. At this point, my poor posture has been completely reversed. My shoulders and back no longer ache at the end of the day and my appearance and confidence has been restored. My wife has commented on how much taller and confident I appear. Best of all, I feel better than ever.

As for the support, it has held up quite well. As mentioned, I’ve owned a few others posture braces that are nearly identical in design but the materials in the other braces that I have used in the past ended up ripping to shreds withing the first 3 weeks. The SheerPosture has lasted over 2 months now and is in excellent shape with no signs of material failure.

I’m actually going to wash my SheerPosture and give it to a friend who could use some help with her posture.

Overall thoughts

recommended 2I’ve tested several posture supports over the past three years and have found that some are better than others. I absolutely love the SheerPosture and have found that the design, heavy duty materials used, and quality of this support is among the best in the under $50 price range. It has stood the test of time and has proven itself. The 90 day money back guarantee is always a nice option to have although I didn’t have to use it. Most posture supports that I have tried only come with a 30 day guarantee.

I have found that the removable armpit pads make this support much more comfortable to wear because it doesn’t dig into your armpits when you wear it for extended periods of time. These pads are a nice feature that I have not found with similar style clavicle supports. Because they are removable, this gives you the option to wear the support with or without the additional padding.

The adjustable straps have a buckle that can be adjusted to provide shoulder support as needed and waist belt adjusts to most sizes. The smaller pull straps are also a nice feature that provide a little extra support in the mid back section  The manufacturer labels it as “One Size Fits Most” which seems to be accurate. Unless you are very small or very large, this support should fit you.

As far as performance, I couldn’t have asked for a better support. It provides just the right amount of support and because the main body is made from a semi-elastic material, it’s still stretchable and conforms to your body.

It’s fairly thin and weighs just over 9 oz, making it easy to conceal underneath your clothing.

Because it exceeded my expectations in all areas including durability, performance, design, and price, the SheerPosture receives a 5 star rating and is a product that I would recommend to anyone who wants a quality product to improve their posture without spending a whole lot of money.

Buy Here



  • Durable material and stitching will not tear
  • Removable armpit pads for added comfort
  • Unisex design
  • One size fits most
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
  • Comfortable, even for longer periods of time
  • Conceals well underneath clothing
  • Prevents shoulder slouch and restores poor posture
  • Comes with a 90 money back guarantee
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with free shipping



  • Must be hand washed

SheerPosture:  My Pick for Best-Value Posture Support

Buy-HereThe SheerPosture is a product that I have tested in the past and recommend to anyone who's interested in getting the most bang for their buck. It offers an abundance of great features at an affordable price. You can read my complete product review by clicking here or visit the SheerPosture company website by clicking on "Buy Here" to the left.
  • One-size-fits-most unisex design
  • Affordably priced at $49.99 with Free 1-3 day shipping
  • Comfortable and durable reinforced material
  • Comes with removable armpit cushions
  • Offered with a 90 Day Money back guarantee
  • Simple yet effective

It’s widely accepted that using a posture brace, along with posture strengthening exercises and stretches, can be an effective means to correcting poor posture.

One thing that is not very well known is the best place to buy a support or brace, which poses the question “Who sells posture braces?”.

Walmart, Target & Other Big Box Stores

wallyIn the United States alone, Walmart operates over 4,500 stores nationwide while Target operates just under 2,000 stores. Chances are, unless you live in a remote area in the western part of the United States, you probably live within a 30 minute drive of one or more of either store. For most of us, when we hear about a product and are ready to buy, stopping by our local Target or Walmart is naturally the first thought that comes to mind. After all, these stores have a reputation for stocking a wide variety of products at a low price and by visiting one, you will receive nearly instant gratification. Unfortunately, by going this route, you will probably leave frustrated and empty handed. Why?

Not so fast…

Walmart and Target brick and mortar stores have a tendency to stock a number of supports for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, lumbar, knee, and ankle, but interesting enough, not a single posture brace or support. However, both stores do carry a limited selection of posture supports on their websites. While some of these products are warehoused and can be shipped to your local store (known by Walmart shoppers as “Site to Store”), most are shipped directly to your home from a drop shipper. A drop shipper is simply a third party seller who has developed a relationship with a particular retailer. The seller agrees to ship the product directly to the consumer when an order is placed online, in this case, either the Walmart or Target website.

Looking at both websites, it appears as if Walmart offers a slightly larger selection of braces compared to Target although the overall selection of both retailers is very modest considering the large number of braces that are on the market.

The following are products that can be ordered online and shipped to your home.


  • DMI Posture Perfect by DMI
  • Magnetic Posture Corrector by (imported)
  • EasyComforts Posture Corrector by (imported) 
  • United Yoram International SG005 Tlso Posture Control Brace


  • ITA-Med Posture Corrector by ITA-Med

Walgreens, CVS, & Rite Aid

WalgreensSurely a health care store such as Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid carries a large selection of posture supports, right? This is exactly what I thought.  A few years ago when I went out in search for my first posture brace, these are the first three retail establishments that I went to. After spending over an hour driving around from one store to another, I came home empty-handed. The closest product that I could find was a lower back support which is not very helpful when it comes to correcting poor posture.

Like Walmart and Target, they do however offer products online that could be shipped to your home. Here is a list of posture supports offered by each. Keep in mind, these must be ordered and are not available in stores.


  • OTC Professional Orthopedic Elastic Posture Support by Surgical Appliance Industries 
  • Gabrialla Women’s Posture Corrector by International Trade Alliance
  • ITA-MED Posture Corrector Thoracic Lumbo-Sacral Orthosis by ITA-MED
  • ITA-MED Men’s Posture Corrector by ITA-MED


  • ITA-MED Posture Corrector for both men and women by ITA-MED
  • DMI Posture Corrector by Duro-Med
  • Scott Specialties Posture and Clavicle Support by Scott Specialties INC
  • Posture Perfect by DMI
  • Gabrialla Women’s Posture Corrector

Rite Aid

  • None Available

Local Medical Supply Store

medsupplyBy now, you may have given up hope in finding a posture brace that is stocked locally. There is however one option that you may not have considered and that is your local medical supply store.

Nearly every large city and most small town have a handful of medical supply stores which carry everything from wheelchairs and power scooters to diabetes supplies and accessibility items. These stores also typically carry a small selection of posture braces. Depending on the size of operation, you may find a couple different products in stock.

In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a posture brace which can then be purchased at a medical supply store. The medical supply store typically files an insurance claim on your behalf which often means that you only pay a small portion of the price, or in some cases, nothing at all.

However, if you are simply a cash buyer, you will have to proceed with caution as some establishments overcharge for their products because they understand that many of their customers have insurance and insurance companies are willing to pay a premium for just about anything.

In addition to potentially paying a higher price, the selection is often quite limited.

Online Stores

interentIf you are interested in a larger selection with lower prices, look no further than the computer screen in front of you. While shipping is perhaps the greatest disadvantage, it’s impossible to beat the selection and pricing.

Online retailers such as Amazon or eBay carry a fairly large selection of posture supports which are priced anywhere from $10 up to $100 or more.

I created this posture brace comparison table which also contains links to reviews of several products that I have personally tested. In most cases, you are going to find the best prices by purchasing directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Consider Your Options

yesnoIt’s easy to see that there are several options to choose from when it comes to buying a posture brace.

If you are able to wait on shipping, online retailers are going to offer the largest selection at the best price. Those who need a posture support immediately may want to turn to their local medical supply store who will have a small selection at prices that are often a bit higher than prices found online. Other options include big box stores such as Walmart and Target or local drug stores such as Walgreens or CVS. Unfortunately, you will not find such products in store, although they can be special ordered.

Whichever option you choose, it’s most important to first gather as much information as possible on multiple products and choose one that best fits your needs. Posturebraceguide.com is an excellent resource that is full of information on such products.



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