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Our Recommended Posture Products

      • Visitalignmed#1 Alignmed Posture Shirt

        Backed by extensive medical research, the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 has earned the number one spot for several reasons. It has been featured in the USA Today, Good HouseKeeping , Sports Illustrated, Forbes, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, AAPR, Los Angeles Times, and several other publications.

        Unlike traditional posture braces, the Alignmed shirt has no straps, buckles, or rigid panels. It’s worn like any other tee shirt and is surprisingly effective.

                  • Physician Recommended – Recommended by 1400+ physicians
                  • Comfortable & Effective – A soft material makes it easy to wear
                  • Non-restrictive – Does not restrict movement. Allow a full range of motion
                  • Versatile – Can be worn at the office, gym, while driving or playing sports
                  • Available in white, white/gray and black
                  • Total price of $90.18 including shipping (Must use promo code PBGTEN for 10% off)

        Read about my personal experience using the Alignmed Posture shirt here.

        #2 PostureNow 

        Invented by ABC’s Shark Tank Stars Mike Lane and Matt Franklin, PostureNow is an incredibly effective posture trainer. It’s designed to help retrain the bodies core muscles using elastic bands as you sit while in the comfort of your office chair or at home.

                  • Does not require a lot of effort to use
                  • Reasonably priced at $39.95
                  • Comes in both “Regular” and “Extra large sizes”
                  • Offered with 30-day money back guarantee
                  • Can be concealed
      • Read about my personal experience using the Posture Now.