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StandUpStr8 posture strengthener product review – Does it really work?

4 Star Rating

What is the StandUpStr8?

StandUpStr8 retails for $49.97 plus shipping

Recently introduced to the market, the StandUpStr8 is a product that is designed to assist those who suffer from poor posture.

What exactly is the StandUpStr8? This is the first question that came to mind when I was initially introduced to this device. Is it a posture brace or support? No. Is it a product that’s used to remind you to use good posture? No. Well what exactly is it?

I must admit, my first impression was that it was simply a knockoff of the PostureNow which gained a tremendous amount of popularity after being featured on the ABC Tv series SharkTank back in September of 2012. However, after reading a bit more about this product, I quickly learned that while there are similarities between the two, the StandUpStr8 is an entirely different product that does not even work on the same principle as the PostureNow. The PostureNow is a posture trainer that is worn for 10 minutes every day to help you retrain your posture.

The StandUpStr8 on the other hand is an exercise tool that assists with performing  a specific exercise that targets the trapezius muscle which is the muscle that is predominantly responsible for posture. The manufacturer suggests following their exercise protocol using this device for 2 minutes per day, 3 days a week. A total commitment of 6 minutes per week, performing a simple exercise will improve my posture, I asked myself? While I was very intrigued by the idea, I was also skeptical by these claims. This of course led me to research the company behind the StandUpStr8 to learn more about the inventor and their credentials.

Company Information

trustAs with any new product that I come across that interests me, I have a tendency to question the background of the company. After all, anyone can produce and sell such a product and promise you the world. I began by taking a look at the basic company information.

StandUpStr8 is produced by Stand Up Str8 LLC, a Houston, Texas company. It was registered as a business entity with the Texas Comptroller in July of 2014. The company is headed by Kenneth Belveal of Houston, Texas who has spent over 23 years as a personal fitness trainer. The company had registered with the Better Business Bureau in July of 2014 and maintains an A- rating with no open or closed cases. Their website was created in May 2014 and uses HTTPS during the checkout process which is necessary to ensure that the site is secure while making a purchase.

On the surface, everything seems to check out okay.

But what about the inventor? Who exactly is Ken Belveal and what are his credentials?

Who is Ken Belveal?


Ken Belveal, Inventor of StandUpStr8

Ken Belveal, the inventor behind the StandUpStr8, is an entrepreneur who has been operating a mobile fitness business in the Houston, Texas area for 20 years now. According to his website, he has spent the past two decades traveling to his clients’ homes to assist with their personal training goals. He also offers wellness seminars as part of his services. While on his website, I noticed that several of his clients had offered positive testimonies concerning Mr. Belveal’s services.

His biography information indicates that he spent the first five years of his career in the banking industry before leaving to pursue his true passion which was to help people achieve their fitness goals. His LinkedIn page shows that he graduated from Baylor College of Medicine Institute with a personal trainer certification.

As a passionate fitness entrepreneur with 20 years in the business and many satisfied clients, I would say that Mr. Belveal has what it takes to design and sell such a product.  After all, our muscles are what keeps us standing or sitting upright and are responsible for our posture. Who better to design a product that targets the muscle group that’s responsible for good posture other than a seasoned certified personal trainer.

Product Design


Arm cuff complete with adjustable slide buckle

Three main components make up this device, the 2 arm cuffs, 2 adjustable straps and a rubberized center ring. Because it’s adjustable, it’s available in one size only.

Each arm cuff is made from a rectangular piece of dense polypropylene closed cell foam that measures approximately 1/4″ in thickness which provides a comfortable padding between your body and the device. Sewn onto the outer facing portion of the arm cuff is a heavy duty piece of nylon material which provides rigidity and serves as an attachment point for the adjustable straps. A branding tag is sewn into the nylon material on the right side of the device.

padding (1)

Foam Arm Padding

A piece of nylon belt material, similar to what is used in a car seat belt, is used to connect each arm cuff to the center ring. A short piece of this belt material is permanently fixed to a metal slide buckle and sewn into one extremity of the arm cuff while a long piece of belt material is sewn onto the other extremity of the cuff. The longer piece of the belt feeds under one side of the metal loop and over the other side, creating a loop that can be adjusted. From this point, the strap can be lengthened or shortened by feeding the belt through one end of the buckle and then taking up the slack on the other side.

padding (2)

Center connector ring

At the center, a 1/4″ thick 4″ rubber o-ring serves as a connection point where the two arm bands join. This o-ring serves as both a connection point as well as provides resistance which is key to strengthening the trapezius area that is being targeted.

Overall, it appears to be designed very well and made from quality materials. Before even using, I tugged on it while listening for the sound of stitching coming apart. The stitching was solid and showed no signs of budging. I don’t think I could have destroyed the StandUpStr8 if I tried.

How does it work?

how it worksIf you are looking for a wearable product that provides posture support, I can tell you now that you will be disappointed with this product. Unlike a support which keeps your body upright by doing the work for you, this is an exercise device that helps to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for good posture. Strengthening this area will allow you to maintain your posture without having to wear a support on a daily basis. In other words, if you’re not motivated enough to do a few posture improving exercises, save your money.

The manufacturer offers a three phase protocol that starts simple and progressively becomes more challenging. The provided instructions suggest that you position the StandUpStr8 under each arm with the straps traveling across, just above your chest. After adjusting the belt length so that your upper arms are in line with the side of your body, squeeze your shoulderblades together and down. This is considered one repetition or what is commonly referred to as a “rep”.

  1. Start by performing 5, five second reps once a day, every other day for the first week. Add 2-3 reps each subsequent week until you reach 12 reps. This increase should be gradual and will take about 4 weeks to work up to 12 reps.
  2. After reaching 12 reps, reduce down to 9 reps but increase the holding time from 5 seconds to 7 seconds. Add 1-2 reps each week until you work back up to 12 reps. This process should take about 4 weeks.
  3. After achieving 12 reps, reduce once again to 9 reps but increase the holding time from 7 seconds to 10 seconds. Add 1 rep each week until you work back up to 12 reps. This process will take about 4 weeks to achieve. From here on, you will be doing 12, 10 second reps or 2 minutes (120) of exercise every other day.

Basically, you start by doing only 25 seconds of actual exercise and slowly build your endurance up until you reach 120 seconds. This occurs over the course of about 12 weeks.

The chart below should help you visualize the repetition/time progression,

StandUpStr8 Exercise Progression

RepsSecondsTotal exercise time (seconds)
Week 15525
Week 27-8535-40
Week 39-11545-55
Week 411-12555-60
Week 59763
Week 610-11770-77
Week 711-12777-84
Week 812784
Week 991090
Week 101010100
Week 111110110
Week 121210120

Cost & Guarantee

cost2The StandUpStr8 seems to only be available directly from the manufacturers website and is sold for $49.97 plus $5.10 shipping for a total price of around $55.00 delivered to your doorstep. In comparison to other posture exerciser products on the market, the cost is about average.

Order Here 

The company does offer a 90 day full money back guarantee but does not pay return shipping costs. They also do not refund the initial shipping costs. In other words, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 90 days and you will be out somewhere around $10 ($5 shipping each way). The seller does ask that you try it for the full 90 days before returning if not satisfied.


Using Standupstr8

My Personal Review

While I wasn’t able to test the StandUpStr8 for the full 12 weeks, I did manage to spend 4 weeks with it before having to move on to my next product review.

The StandUpStr8 arrived in a long and narrow box and came complete with directions for use. It was shipped 2 day priority mail via USPS.

After receiving, I unpacked it, read over the instruction, made some adjustments and started using it the following day.

I found the first time using it to be almost too easy and I was interested in seeing faster results so I decided to start with 9 reps, 7 seconds each instead of the 5 reps, 5 seconds. By slightly increasing the reps and time spent doing each rep, I started to notice some results after the first couple of days. After using, I noticed a reduction in shoulder tension and could feel my trapezius muscle being targeted. This workout continued every other day after work for the first week and then I increased to 11 reps 7 seconds the second week. I slowly progressed until I reached ten, nine second reps by the end of the fourth week.

I typically do not spend much time working my traps at the gym and this product allowed me to focus on this area and helped to strengthen this muscle group. I could feel a noticeable difference in shoulder and neck tension as I was using the StandUpStr8 and saw signs of postural improvement after about 3 weeks of use.

While I’m certainly not a gym rat, I’ve used a few different types of resistance band training equipment such as this one. Quality-wise, this product is built to stand the test of time and should last for several years.


yesWhile not a posture brace, the StandUpStr8 serves as a high quality resistance trainer that effectively targets the trapezius, the muscle that is primarily responsible for posture.

It was developed by a seasoned personal trainer with over 20 years experience who has made a career out of helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Strengthening the postural muscles by exercising on a regular basis provides long-term benefits that include less neck and back pain as well as better posture. This product assists by helping you target this area. The exercise program is not difficult and takes up very little time.

Unfortunately, as with any other self-improvement effort, this solution requires some degree of commitment. It’s not as simple as strapping on a support and going about your day. If you are willing to spend a couple minutes each day preforming these exercises while sticking to the progressive workout schedule, you will see improvement after a few weeks of use.

If you are the type of person who has a basement full of As Seen On TV ThighMasters, Shake Weights, and ab rollers that have only been used once, you might want to save your money and search elsewhere for a solution.

Order Here 

Pros vs Cons



  • Designed by a fitness expert
  • Durable
  • Affordable – $50 is a fair asking price
  • Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Effectively targets muscles responsible for posture




  • Requires commitment

Still Need Help Choosing a Posture Brace?

From posture supports and resistance trainers to biofeedback shirts, there are well over 100 products that are currently being sold in stores and online. With so many to choose from, finding one that delivers can be challenging to say the least.

After evaluating over 25 of the most popular products being sold, I have created this Posture brace comparison table which assigns a ranking to each product based on criteria such as comfort, effectiveness, innovativeness, durability, and cost.

Best Choice Overall:

Alignmed Posture Shirt

The Alignmed Posture Shirt is a unique posture correcting t-shirt that I’ve been wearing for over four years now and recommend as my Best Choice Overall for improving posture.

I’ve found that most traditional posture braces are too rigid and uncomfortable, restricting my range of motion and causing discomfort after wearing for only a short period of time.

The Alignmed shirt has built-in tension panel Neurobands which have been scientifically proven to increase scapular stability and retrain muscles to improve posture. It’s comfortable enough to wear throughout the entire day. I have noticed a huge difference in my posture since I started using this shirt.

You can read my review on the Alignmed Posture Shirt here.

Here are a few additional reasons why I love this shirt:

• Scientifically proven to improve posture
• Designed and tested by a respected group of 25 medical and sports scientists
• Relieves shoulder and back pain while correcting poor posture
• Can be worn by itself or concealed underneath other clothing
• Made from durable, high-quality materials that last a long time and doesn’t lose elasticity

Buy Here

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